Evaluation Report

06 Dec 2023 Evaluation Report (Collection, Transportation and Safe Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste from Transfer Station to Trenching Ground Moza Chohan Chakri Road Rwp)                                       
05 Dec 2023         Evaluation Report (Maintenance & Repair of Cantt Fund Buildings, Roads/Streets Drainage / Sewerage ,Water Supply and                           Misc Public Improvement Work) 
01 Dec 2023  Evaluation Report (Rehabilitation Traffic Signals / Installation of Fix Time Traffic Signal Intersection Equipment)                                            
28-09-2023  Procurement of Electro Medical Equipment for CB Dispensary Dheri Hassanabad                                                                                                      
28-09-2023 Supply and Fixing of on Grid Solar System 50Kw at CB Dispensary Dheri Hassanabad (10Kw Hybrid Model)                                                          
28-09-2023 Procurement of Hospital Furtniture for CB Dispensary Dheri Hassanabad